NYC Residents Outraged After Brutal Assault of 13-Year-Old by Illegal Immigrant


New Yorkers, despite living in the deep blue toilet city of New York, are losing patience with Democrats. This is large because of Joe Biden’s “diversity”, which has crashed our border, bringing with it a tsunami of crime.

You may have heard that an animal from Ecuador illegally residing in the United States tied together two 13-year-olds, a boy and a girl. He raped a girl while threatening them with a large blade.

Cops displayed his photo in a shelter for illegal immigrants nearby. Residents, including men and women, (real New Yorkers and not illegal immigrants), recognized the man and waited at the store where he frequently shops. They then beat him to death while they stayed with the police.

The videos and photos show that all the Good Samaritans were Hispanic. They were determined to capture the rapist hiding in their neighborhood and appeared to have shown him no mercy.

Angela Sauretti (23), threw the pig into a headlock.

Suaretti said to the NY Post, “He received something his mother would have done for him.” “I’ll say it like that.”

She continued, “As woman, I really had to set the tone and remind [him].” It wasn’t a male who did it to you. It was a female.

Suaretti had much more to say:

You did something to a lady, and she did the same to you. He thought, “Maybe I will not mess with the woman next time.” Because you never can tell. There are nice women and then there are those who will go to extremes and defend themselves. He said, “Let me explain!” I was like, “There’s no need to explain.” He said: “I don’t Care.” I was like, “What do you mean that you don’t Care?” You’re an a-rapist. He said, “I don’t Care.”

Isabel Caizado (67) beat the miscreant using a shoe. He was beaten and kicked by men.

The rapist admitted inhumanely to police that he had recorded his brutality after he no longer felt “nervous” raping the 13-year old girl.

The POS confessed to police that he was initially nervous, but then became comfortable and recorded the video.

Virginia elected Glenn Youngkin as its governor just weeks after a trans-manic raped an 14-year old girl in the ladies’ bathroom of a high school. The staff chose not to punish him and instead sent him to another school, where he abused another girl. Students staged a walkout in protest of the woke nonsense.

After the arrest of a citizen in Queens, angry New Yorkers in Brooklyn let Crystal Hudson know that they were fed up with the shelter and feared for their children’s safety in their Clinton Hill neighbourhood.

The shelter was built last year, and it currently houses about 3,200 male single newcomers. Last week, an illegal immigrant stabbed a man outside the shelter. Just before the meeting began, another stabbing occurred near the shelter. It was not immediately known if it involved illegal immigrants.

Illegal gangs of immigrants, mostly from Venezuela, are setting up shop, robbing, raping, and selling drugs. They also cause chaos.

Some on the left claim that this crime wave is a myth made up by “racists” and “xenophobes.” It has gotten so bad, in fact, that many illegal invader shelters have curfews. You must be inside by 11 pm, but you can’t leave before 6 am.

New Yorkers also are tired of NYPD members being attacked, such as this stain that shot two of New York Finest.

New Yorkers are not weak, even though they lean to the left. Many will put “woke” aside to protect women against savages that can “comfortably” rape a child during the day and record the atrocity.

Mark Simone, the legendary radio talk show host, has publicly stated that New York will be in play for November 5. If crime, especially sex attacks, continues to rise in New York City, I suspect that the Democrats are not doing enough to stop illegal immigrants from their assault.

It’s possible that the communist plan to wear Americans down with a crime surge will fail.