LA Sheriffs Release Suspect Just Hours After He Mowed Down 25 Police Recruits


Nicholas Joseph Gutierrez, 22 years old, is charged with killing a group of police recruits from several agencies. Gutierrez is also accused of taking their friends to Whittier in California. Gutierrez was previously arrested for attempted murder. This case continues to be a suspect.

Sheriff’s Academy recruits were out for a run on Wednesday when an SUV drove the wrong way down the street and struck 25 of them. Five people were left with serious injuries including broken bones, head trauma, and loss of a limb. Fox News reported that some of the recruits were wearing reflective vests, and had a vehicle escorted. Gutierrez also passed a field sobriety test.

CNN reports Gutierrez was released on Thursday just before 10:00 pm despite being charged with attempted murder. Gutierrez’s lawyer claims that the incident was accidental and that the department has 48 hours to present its case.

#UPDATE: According to L.A. County online jail records, Nicholas Joseph Gutierrez was released Thursday at 9:49 p.m. and no bail was listed.

— LAist (@LAist) November 18, 2022

Authorities claim that Gutierrez is the right person to arrest. Field sobriety tests showed no impairment. Gutierrez was not slowing down or skidding.

Gutierrez retained legal representation so it is possible to assume that Gutierrez intends to appear before the court.