Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni Took a Blowtorch to Emmanuel Macron


Giorgia Moloni is a well-known figure in world politics. She was elected to power in 2022 by her right-wing coalition, much to the shock and delight of many. Videos of Meloni speaking out about identity, illegal immigration and transgenderism went viral. It shows a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and get in the ring.

One clip that was recently discovered virally shows her at her best. It features Meloni eviscerating France’s Emmanuel Marcon. It’s a total pleasure to watch the entire thing. This is a skill she excels at. This is a really, really great skill.

Meloni puts a slap on France’s colonialism in Africa today. She starts with the CFA. This is the currency that the French print for 14 African countries. It is used to control these nations and to get kickbacks, she says. Meloni then pulls out a photo of a child who is forced to work at the Burkina Faso gold mines, one of the most poor nations on the planet. She continues to explain how France exploits child laborers in order to take 50 percent of Burkina Faso’s exports, leaving it desolate and subservient.

Meloni reiterates then that a lot of the gold mined by these children who are essentially slaves ends up in French bank accounts. In other words, who is Emmanuel Macron to lecture nations about morality and decency in the world?

Meloni accuses the French of wanting EU countries to absorb illegal immigrants, while exploiting African nations. This is what causes people to flee to Europe. The EU is filled with hypocritical finger-waggers, who have no moral high ground. Italy was once part of this group, but Meloni’s takingover has brought about a new direction. It could even be called “Italy First” direction.

Meloni, now that she has the power, is the right messenger to her movement. She is fearless and well-spoken. She knows how to defend the issues that matter to her. Many “nationalists,” however, can’t defend their position from a paper bag. This is not the case. Meloni is determined to make changes in Italy and Europe. I believe that a lot Americans support her. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see Emmanuel Macron become a household name?