Lab-Created First Baby With DNA From Three Donors


British scientists have played God by creating a baby through in vitro fertilization (IVF), and the DNA from three donors.

The Guardian:

Doctors have performed an IVF procedure to prevent the children from inheriting incurable illnesses.

Mitochondrial donation treatment (MDT) is a technique that uses the tissue of healthy female egg donors to create IVF eggs free of harmful mutations. These mothers are more likely to pass these mutations on to their offspring.

Because the embryos combine sperm and egg from the biological parents with tiny battery-like structures called mitochondria from the donor’s egg, the resulting baby has DNA from the mother and father as usual, plus a small amount of genetic material – about 37 genes – from the donor.

Jeffrey Epstein was a prolific child sex peddler with extensive connections to top Western governments and scientists. He was obsessed with creating a “superrace” of transhumans by using his DNA. This is a megalomaniacal dream that has become a more realistic goal for someone of his stature and connections.

The Guardian:

The newspaper revealed in a major investigative report that Epstein, after his conviction for sex trafficking in 2008, hoped to seed humanity with his DNA through the impregnating of women on his ranch in New Mexico. This was one of Epstein’s properties, where young women and minors were allegedly abused.

The Times reported that despite the fact there was little evidence to suggest the plan ever went beyond fantasy, Epstein regularly hosted dinners, conferences, and lunches for prominent scientists. This included the late Stephen Hawking.

Epstein is accused of sexually abusing girls under age. Epstein is also said to have connections with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and other elite social circles.

In Brave New World by Orwell, a dystopian science-fiction novel that has influenced generations of writers and readers alike, the genes of all humans except for those “savages”, who are enclosed in a reservation, are carefully selected and applied selectively to batches based on an established scientific caste system. Aldous Huxley was the brother of Julian Huxley who founded UNESCO.

The transhumanist elites all have the same agenda.

Chile passed an interesting law last year that prohibits “discrimination” against genetically modified people and mutants.

Law No. 21.422 “prohibits labor discrimination against mutations or alterations of genetic material, and in turn, prohibits demanding any certificate or test to verify that the worker does not have such alterations or mutations in his human genome.”

The next frontier for “human rights” is genetically engineered, altered “humans”.