Last-Minute New Hampshire Polls Spark Controversy: Will Rigging and Game-Playing Humiliate Biden?


Nikki Haley won New Hampshire’s first votes by winning Dixville Notch.

She won six out of six votes.

Dixville Notch is a place with a liberal past. In the 2016 general elections, they voted for Hillary Clinton and Biden.

According to the most recent poll, Haley’s chances are poor. Former President Donald Trump has gained three points since the Florida Governor endorsed him. Ron DeSantis is also flooding New Hampshire with other Republicans to campaign for Trump. They include Lee Zeldin and Vivek Ramaswamy.

Haley is 60 percent ahead of Trump in the latest Boston Globe/Suffolk Poll.

Haley’s chances of winning would be a major upset.

Trump appears to be in the lead despite Dixville Notch’s results. Haley must hope that Trump supporters don’t vote because they think Trump will win. Trump encouraged people to vote last night and to not assume anything.

Haley must also hope to attract undeclared or crossover Democrats. Some people may have voted for Haley to try to complicate Trump’s life. David Plouffe, among others, encouraged this strategy.

A robocall, supposedly from “Joe Biden”, is also making the rounds. It was not Biden, but a person telling people not to vote. Democrats are having a problem because they have not included Biden on their New Hampshire ballot in order to show support for Biden.

These riggings and game-playing will probably result in a lower number of voters for Joe Biden, (and possibly a higher number for Dean Phillips).

After all their attempts to control the situation, it would be ideal if this happened, and Biden appeared weak.