Gazans Revolt Against Hamas, Flood Streets in a Powerful Movement Demanding the Release of Israeli Hostages


Hamas underestimated the fact that it could not rely on the total support of Gaza’s population. Residents of Gaza took to the streets Wednesday morning, demanding that their terrorist government free the remaining Israeli hostages captured during the October 7, 2014 massacre.

Hamas’s decision to put civilians into such a precarious situation prompted the protest near a local hospital. Hamas has repeatedly been told that the war would be over if they surrendered their hostages and handed them over. The terrorist group and its psychotic leader Yahya Sin War have instead retreated underground to prolong the war.

Hamas’ refusal to agree to a ceasefire Tuesday, which would have allowed the release of hostages and a minimum two-month break in the conflict may have prompted this latest act.

No “journalist” from the Palestinian Authority will give a true account. It’s still a sign for Israel to keep pushing its advantage, and not allow Hamas to survive. Around 9,000 terrorists have been killed so far. The longer this continues, the more the people of Gaza will be dissatisfied.

It is worth comparing the protesters in Gaza with the “ceasefire” activists who are currently causing havoc on Western streets. The protesters of Gaza are in danger and yet they continue to stand up for what is right. Meanwhile, the pro-Hamas demonstrators in America never mention the hostages.

Sinwar and his thugs can never again be allowed to control Gaza. But the situation is complex. Sinwar is only able to resist being turned into mush because he has surrounded himself with all the hostages. Hamas rejects ceasefires in exchange for the release of hostages. Maybe a collapse in internal support could help change this calculus.