Leaked Audio Reveals Biden Knew Hunter Was in Drug Crisis at Time of Gun Purchase


In October 2018, Joe Biden knew that his son Hunter was a drug addict. He talked to him soon after his son lied on a federal form in order to buy a gun.

Hunter Biden, Special Prosecutor of Gun Crimes, Washington D.C. indicted him Thursday on three counts. The charges can result in a maximum of 10 years imprisonment and fines up to $250,000. Hunter Biden stated that he had not used drugs during the Firearm Transaction Record. As he admitted in his autobiography, this was false.

Hunter met with the president only three days after the fraudulent purchase.

Joe Biden sent a message to his son on October 15, 2018, asking for help. He sounded almost in tears. Hunter had purchased a Colt.38 caliber revolver from a Delaware store just three days earlier, by lying to federal forms about not being a drug addict.

Hunter faces a potentially damaging case that could affect his father’s 2024 presidential campaign. It’s possible that this is just the start of a series of indictments, including those involving tax, illegal foreign lobbying, and money laundering.

Joe Biden was aware of his addictions and begged him to get help. The vice president can be heard in a voicemail from Hunter’s “Laptop from Hell” talking to a very emotional Hunter. I am a critic of Joe Biden’s policies, but I feel sympathy for him.

Joe said in his October 15 message, ‘I love all of you pal.’ You need to get some help. I’m the same.


As I reported, President Obama takes his son’s problems very seriously. However, his aides are afraid to bring it up for fear of offending him.

Report on Biden’s obsession with Hunter, and his aides’ fear of mentioning the Prodigal Son

Liberal media outlets such as the New York Times have finally admitted that Biden’s shady dealings with Hunter and First Son’s legal problems are costing him political capital as he prepares for his reelection bid in 2024.

Biden was unable to accept the news that he would be indicted:

People who were close to him, and spoke anonymously in order to protect their relationship, said that he was overwhelmed with sadness and frustration. Since then, his confidants say, the tone of the conversations he has had with Hunter reflects a resignation.

Biden has repeatedly stated that he never spoke with his son about business. More and more evidence shows that this is not true.

Hunter, Biden’s vice president, was taken abroad by Biden on several trips. Hunter signed lucrative contracts and flew on Air Force Two with companies like Ukrainian natural gas giant Burisma.

Hunter’s problems won’t go away, as Republicans intensify efforts to impeach President Trump.