Lee County Sheriff Takes to Social Media to Debunk Hurricane Ian Rumors


Thursday’s Facebook post by the Lee County Sheriff dispelled rumors about Hurricane Ian.

Carmine Marceno started his post by “Debunking rumors about Hurricane Ian.” “No children or adults were killed in our custody at Lee County Jail due to the hurricane.”

Notably, the jail was the only one affected by Ian to not evacuate its inmates. The Florida Department of Corrections evacuated 25 facilities in Jacksonville and St. Petersburg. Some speculated about the well-being and health of Lee County Jail inmates after its decision.

Marceno stated that inmates were moved to higher floors within the main jail after hearing about the conditions of the jail during the storm.

The Matanzas Pass Bridge links Fort Myers with a nearby beach town. However, residents could only use it for foot traffic. Cars were not allowed to drive across. Some believed it had been destroyed because of the lack of traffic.

Marceno stated in a Facebook post that “Fort Myers Beach — Matanzas Bridge didn’t collapse.” You are not allowed to wander if you refuse to leave Fort Myers Beach. The shelter is put into place.

Marceno was referring specifically to reports that Fort Myers residents were trapped without bus service.

Marceno stated that “we are not prohibiting supplies onto an island.” “Access to Pine Island was restricted when the road was unsafe or collapsed. This was done to ensure the safety and security of everyone.”

The sheriff did not explain why volunteers were being turned down, but there were reports that they were. The repairs to the Matlacha Bridge and roads are ongoing. According to the sheriff, supplies are being provided by FEMA and the National Guard.

Marceno wrote that “The Sanibel Lighthouse IS still standing.” Marceno wrote that the structure is on the brink of collapse and that the nearby house was destroyed by the storm.