Blake Masters Receives GOP Fundraising Boost In Arizona Senate Race Ahead Of Debate


After a political action committee affiliated with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), canceled millions in ad purchases last month, a top Republican funding source has stepped in to support Blake Masters in the Arizona Senate race.

Thursday’s announcement by the National Republican Senatorial Committee was that it would make a “seven figure investment” in Arizona’s battleground Senate race. Venture capitalist Masters had been behind in fundraising and polling against incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Kelly. In September, the Senate Leadership Fund, the largest Republican PAC, redirected $17 million that was originally designated for Arizona to other races.

Chris Hartline, spokesperson for the NRSC, stated that “The NRSC made a significant investment Arizona and we are confident that voters choose Blake Masters over Mark Kelly in November.”

Politico reported that the NRSC didn’t disclose the exact dollar amount. The Washington Examiner did not reach out to the NRSC for comment. To support Kelly’s campaign against Masters, the committee spent $11,000,000 in Arizona already. The mail and television ads that the donation will finance are expected to begin next week.

Kelly and Masters will debate each other Thursday at 9 PM EST, before early voting begins on October 12.

Masters’ favorability rating has been lower than his opponent. Masters is currently 4 to 6 points behind the average polling leader, but has an advantage when it comes top issues for voters such as crime and security at the border.

Masters is against abortion so Kelly will likely use it as a cudgel to attack him in the debate. Masters accused Kelly of being extremist on abortion because he doesn’t support any limitations.

Masters will join former President Donald Trump’s rally and Republican nominee Kari Lake for Sunday.