Leftists Smear Donald Trump With Moscow Attack


Social media was awash with speculation after ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack that devastated Moscow in Russia. The terrorist attack in Moscow has shocked the international political community.

The predictable political attacks against Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, are also a part of the speculation.

Social media leftists are using the attack to highlight Trump’s claim that he defeated the terrorist group in his first term as president.

ISIS immediately claimed responsibility for this attack.

The first unsubstantiated claim of responsibility for a terrorist attack that took place in Moscow, Russia was made shortly after the event.

The initial speculation focused on either Chechen rebels or Ukrainians. However, according to an article published by Amaq News Agency – the propaganda arm of ISIS – the terrorist group claims responsibility for the attack.

According to reports from the scene, the attackers were bearded men with Russian AK-style rifles. This doesn’t really narrow it down, given that both weapons are widely available around the globe. ISIS is still suspected.

ISIS is resurgent in Syria, despite not getting much attention in the United States. Kurdish forces warned in February that the terrorist group was gaining strength. This is a dramatic change of course after ISIS had been essentially destroyed under the Trump administration and rendered powerless.

Later, it was revealed that the Kremlin had been warned of the impending attack days before its execution. Unfortunately, Russiaโ€™s leadership ignored the warnings.

Several foreign embassies have issued similar warnings to Russia in addition to the US warning.

In response to this intelligence, the FSB rounded up an ISIS-affiliated cell in a Moscow suburban area.

The National Security Committee of Kazakhstan (KNB), confirmed on March 9 that two Kazakhs were killed in Russia by Russian law enforcement.

The Russian Federal Security Service had announced two days prior, on 7 March, that it had prevented a cell of the Islamic State Khorasan Province from committing a terrorist act against a synagogue.

The FSB issued a statement in a state-run news agency, TASS, saying that the cell Wilayat Khorasan of the Afghan branch, an international terrorist group called Islamic State which is banned in Russia had planned to carry out a terrorist attack against a Jewish religious institution in Moscow.

Trump hasn’t served as president in over three years. It’s not his responsibility to stop ISIS resurrecting and committing more violence.

Shouldn’t they blame this on Joe Biden who is in fact the president at the moment? No, of course not. Hyperpartisans believe that anything bad in the world is the fault of their opponent.