LEXIT Founder Powerfully Explains Why Latino Voters Continue to Flee Democrat Party in Droves


Latino voters continue to leave the Democrat Party in large numbers, according to polling data Jesse Holguin of “LEXIT” sat down with Fox News at Night to discuss the matter.

The LEXIT website, Latino Exit from the Democrat Party, states that the organization’s mission is to “Bring Strength & Valors back”. Holguin founded it in 2018.

Jesse Holguin is an ex-gang member, who gave his life for Christ. LEXIT has chapters in all 50 states, except New York.

At LEXIT, we are determined to show Latinos & Hispanics that they don’t have to vote Democrat because of their skin color.

We believe in the founding values of our fathers who fled King George’s British oppression and sought freedom through worshipping God.

We aim to continue the legacy of our forefathers. By conserving conservative values, we can give strength back to Latinos and Hispanics.

Holguin explained why LEXIT does what it does so well to Fox News host Trace Gallagher:

This is something that we do a lot. Our boots are on the ground. In San Bernadino, we gave away food, haircuts, and backpacks.

We have provided meals to the people in the ghetto at Thanksgiving and we’re having another one at Calvary South L.A. – it’s Chrismas with pony rides and tamales. Toys, churros, and tamales will be given out.

Are You Paying Attention, Republican Party

I was captivated by the video when it first appeared. This is an excellent way to give back.

The third, and this is a great one: How loudly would the Democrat Party scream at the moon about the GOP’s attempt to buy the Hispanic vote? This would be absurd considering the six decades of taxpayer assistance provided by the Democrat Party in order to attain one goal: To purchase Black votes.

Holguin shared his story about being paralyzed as a gang member, and how it affected urban Hispanics who flocked to Holguin and The Republican Party.

Many Latinos are able to relate to and understand my story.

Many of us at LEXIT identify as everyday Latinos. They love how we present ourselves. Another thing they love about us is that we are either Catholics or Christians. They love God and put Christ’s love first.

Gallagher asked the critical question conservatives have been asking for years: “Why are so many Latinos Democrats?” Holguin nailed it perfectly

It is ingrained in us, not just Latinos, but also Blacks. We are taught that Democrats are our parents. When I asked why they said, “Republicans were for wealthy white people and Democrats are for minorities. ”

Remove the tape.

Many Blacks and Latinos hear what their parents said to them, sometimes from well-meaning family members. The Democrat Party’s persistent narrative that “racist” White Republicans only care about wealthy White people and large corporations is what the majority of Latinos, Blacks and other minorities are taught as a way to grow up.

Are they lying to you? Get out there, with your boots on the ground, and start to be wise.

If yes, then see Einstein’s definitions of “insanity”.

Holguin’s point was well taken. Holguin’s point is well taken.

A 2021 Rasmussen poll found that 48 percent of Hispanic voters would vote for a generic Republican candidate on a ballot if the 2024 presidential election were held “today”. It’s a big deal even though it’s only for a three-year period.

Joe Cunningham, my colleague, reported in early November that record numbers of black voters were beginning to vote Republican.


Hispanic voters have demonstrated that they won’t be content with waiting for elections to start and then pulling the “D” button each decade.

According to the 2021 City University of New York study, 18.7 million Hispanic Americans registered for 2020 to vote. Take that into consideration.

Think about how you can not screw up the election of 2024, regardless of the millions of Latino Republican voters.