Supreme Court Urged to Corral Unelected, Unaccountable Bureaucrats Weaponizing Federal Law Against Christians


A new amicus brief asks the Supreme Court justices to look at a case in which they can reign in “unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats [who] use federal laws to violate America’s most fundamental rights.”

The brief was filed by The Alliance Defending Freedom and the Christian Employers Alliance. Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo.

This brief states that federal agency employees often disregard American citizens’ most prized principles, such as religious freedom and dignity of life by imposing personal political agendas on them that Congress doesn’t authorize.

According to the brief, “We urge that the Supreme Court hear this case and rule in favor of Chevon. Natural Resources Defense Council affirms that courts should not defer to federal agents when they violate the First Amendment rights of Americans or exceed their executive authority. ”

“Agencies can be left to their own devices or to the political calculations of the White House. They can extend and strain their authority to impose on the daily lives of American citizens in ways Congress never authorized. ”

This shot shows how President Joe Biden’s political appointees and career federal bureaucrats use their position to create oppressive regulations, procedures, and policies that disregard the First Amendment guarantees of freedom of religious practice, expression, and speech for all Americans.

This brief discusses abortion, and how the Biden administration defied Roe V Wade’s Dobbs ruling. The brief cites several mandates for abortion, even though the statutes mentioned by the agencies don’t contain such authorizations.

“Agencies established new, massive programs that required citizens and states to have abortions. They also forced taxpayer money to pay for the procedure. Agency officials used their positions to ignore the fact that there was no federal authority in each case and claimed primacy over state laws. This Court referred to as federalism in Dobbs.”

Through its Department of Health and Human Services, the Biden administration has also instructed hospital administrators, nurses, and doctors to make their facilities available for abortions upon request.

HHS advised all hospitals with Medicare funds and emergency rooms that they must perform abortions regardless if there are state laws protecting unborn children. This was in response.

HHS’s 1986 interpretation of President Ronald Reagan’s law is absurd. This is, at least, until now.

HHS officials acted under the direction of Biden’s administration and ordered all pharmacies to stock the over-the-counter first-trimester abortion drug.

According to the brief, “Like EMTALA’s abortion mandate, agency officers didn’t subject that mandate notice-and-comment. They claimed that they were simply informing regulated agencies about obligations that already exist under the statutory laws. This is called “rewriting the law to suit political goals” and is illegal.

The Biden administration also attempted to convert Veterans Administration (VA) facilities into abortion clinics. This is how it works:

“In response To Dobbs’s request, VA began performing abortions in veterans’ hospitals -on-demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy-no matter what pro-life laws were. In the VA’s underlying statute, abortions are explicitly prohibited within the VA system.”

Federal departments and agencies are making new efforts in order to use federal funds previously appropriated for other purposes to pay for transportation costs for employees traveling to another state to have an abortion.

Federal agencies have the authority to divert large amounts of taxpayer money to abortion centers. These funds were used to support the military and healthcare for the poor. HHS also announced that it would use Medicaid funds to reimburse patients for travel expenses for abortions. This is in spite of more than 40 years worth of congressional language in the Hyde Amendment… that stated that HHS funds should not be used for abortions, or for benefits that include coverage for it.

While these abuses of law are horrific, the brief also lists many other ways federal officials can use statutes and regulations in other fields to make them a weapon against constitutional rights.

Federal agencies use federal civil rights laws to enforce radical gender ideology. This is a threat to religious liberty, freedom of speech, parental rights, and basic recognition of biological differences between men and women.

“All federal agencies involved in civil rights enforcement have used [Bostock Clayton County 2020] to impose broad directives. The underlying statutes prohibit discrimination and accept the biological binary of men & women.”

This exposes the federal government’s most severe assault on First Amendment freedoms.