Liberal Media’s Desperate Defense of Biden After Damning Report and Presser Fiasco


I previously wrote about a good response by the liberal media. CNN legal analyst Elie Hohni called out Joe Biden’s false claims made during his press conference/national address based on what was contained in the Hur Report. Honig and CNN have blown up this claim, pointing out that the Hur Report said so.

Liberal media realized it was a major problem.

Some liberal media outlets were in a state of meltdown, looking for any excuse to deflect or justify the disaster that was Biden’s report and his response.

What is a liberal media tantrum if not a little “Republicans Pounce” nonsense?

The New York Times deserves a big thank you for this. Our Twitchy friends say that they “pounced” and “seized.”

After a meeting on Thursday with House Democrats, President Biden laid the groundwork for the election of 2024. His Republican opponents, however, seized on the special counsel report which absolved Biden of mishandling classified information but characterized him as “a sympathetic, well-meaning old man with a bad memory” who willfully kept and disclosed sensitive data.

Jonathan Chait, from New York Magazine, was next. He had to rank as the most delusional take of the evening.

Effective, like the Titanic voyage to America was effective. Not so much.

Erin Burnett, CNN’s Erin Burnett, defended the “cul-de-sac”. She argues that this was not at all strange – Biden’s mind has always led him down “verbal dead ends,” so it is not surprising. She said, “That’s just part of his personality.”

I’m not so sure that saying that he has always had problems is the best defense.

John King responded that some of it was “baked in,” and then used the stutter as a defense. “The stutter – God Bless Him — the man deserves credit for fighting that in a public way, while the camera was aimed at him every second of the day.” The stutter is used as an excuse to explain or justify the fact that he was investigated over classified documents for 40 years. He also yelled at reporters and made claims contrary to the report. The media is doing everything they can to support him and cheer on his bravery.

There was also the “everyone speaks wrong” defense.

Yeah, no. It’s not wrong to speak to the dead. It’s not misspeaking to be unable to complete sentences. It’s not misspeaking to appear unaware of reality or act as if you don’t care. This is a frightening danger for our nation.

Joe’s lack of memory was blamed on the advice of his attorney, according to MSNBC. They were angry that Hur included this in his report despite it being the main reason he was not charged. They’re kidding, right? They’re not kidding; they have stooped to this level.

Um, guys? He could not remember when he had been vice president. He could not remember when his son had died. It is absurd to suggest that this could be due to a lawyer’s recommendation.

They complain about their inability to remember over 40 years, but they fail to grasp the significance of the “40-year investigation” of which Biden was so critical. This means that there were documents in doubt over the 40 years. Not only when he served as vice president. What is the explanation when he had no right to these documents? If he wanted to see them while he was in the Senate, then he could only do so in a SCIF. Did he steal classified documents? How can this be justified? How often did it happen?

It is far worse than what former President Donald Trump has done. He had documents sent to him from his time as president when he had the right to receive them.