Marianne Williamson Accused of Abuse, ‘Uncontrollable Rage’ by 2020 Campaign Staff


Marianne Williamson, author and self-help guru, was accused of abusing staff members working on her 2020 presidential campaign less than two weeks ago.

Williamson is the author of 14 books and describes herself as “a leader” in religious and spiritually progressive circles. She has also made national appearances on Oprah’s daytime talk show, and has taken aim at the Democratic political establishment.

Politico spoke to 12 former employees who described Williamson’s anger and rage. This is a completely different view of Williamson than the one she presents to the world.

One of the ex-staffers said, “It would have been foaming, vomiting, uncontrollable anger.” It was terrifying. The experience was, at the end, terrifying.

According to reports, her outbursts were so intense that she would throw her cellphone at them, and the hotel staff would knock on her door to confirm everything was okay.

Another staffer said that she would be caught up in vicious emotional loops. This happened day after day. She wasn’t having a bad day. It was boom, boom boom, boom. Often, it was for no valid reason.

Williamson has denied all allegations categorically. This could effectively endanger her campaign before it even begins.

She described them as “slanderous and categorically false” and said that they were trying to make points with the political establishment. However, the intent is to distract attention from the critical issues facing American citizens.

She said that the claims were part “concerted attempts to dismiss and denigrate her campaign” and added that “amplifications of outright lies shouldn’t occur”.

Williamson announced her campaign earlier in the month, declaring that she wants to challenge the current “system” of American government.

Williamson stated that he wanted to run for president because the country needed to make an economic turnaround. “The system that perpetuates this kind of income inequity isn’t changing… We can’t elect the same-old, same old.”