Suspect in the Dallas Zoo Monkey Theft Indicted on Burglary Charges


A grand jury indicted Wednesday the man accused of stealing 2 monkeys from their enclosure at Dallas Zoo.

According to FOX, Davion Irvin is facing two burglary charges. In late January, authorities said that he had taken two emperor-tamarin monkeys named Bella and Finn.

The animals were later found safe inside an abandoned home and returned to the zoo. Irvin is also accused of cutting enclosures in another monkey exhibit and the clouded leopard habitat.

The leopard was unharmed when it was discovered at the zoo.

Irvin, who was later arrested, allegedly said that he would take animals again if given the opportunity.

Irwin’s actions led to the zoo announcing in February that it would make security upgrades including adding security cameras, fencing improvements, and lighting updates.