Matthew McConaughey, Camila Alves Embrace ‘Lack of Drama’ Since Leaving California for Texas


Matthew McConaughey and his family moved to Austin in 2014 from Malibu.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves have lived a relatively stress-free life since moving to Texas from California 10 years ago.

In a recent interview with Southern Living magazine, the couple revealed their increased happiness and pace of life.

McConaughey told the outlet “Time has slowed down”. This body clock or clock inside the clock was right. A part of it is a ritual and a part is how people move and the distances they travel. There’s the hospitality and the common sense.

Alves believes that Texas’ “gravity” has made a big difference. According to her, “the gravity of Texas is correct”.

The Pantalones Tequila couple, which was married in 2012, moved to Austin in 2014. They have three children: Levi Livingston and Vida.

Alves is a native Brazilian who told the outlet that she was delighted to settle down in California with her family when McConaughey proposed a move.

Pantalones Tequila was created by a partnership of Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey with Pantalones Tequila.

She said, “We had a very happy and fulfilling life in Malibu.” “We had a beautiful house that we built with love and care. We raised our children there. I had bees making honey. ”

Kay McConaughey’s mother, the actress, needed their help.

Alves recalled being stopped at a traffic light with her husband after visiting Kay one night. According to the outlet, McConaughey “looked peaceful, confident, and energetic” as the car idled.

Alves remembered randomly asking her husband, “You would like to move here wouldn’t you?” ”

She told McConaughey, “It was a one…two…three, and you replied ‘Yes’. ”

Alves responded, “You son ….'”

She remembered saying “Let’s get going!” They spoke shortly afterward.

Camila, wearing a bucket hat in black, smiling alongside her husband Matthew McConaughey, who is wearing an “alright hat”

Camila Alvarez remembered saying to Matthew McConaughey, “You son of ….'” after he told her he wanted to move to Texas.

The actor from “Dazed & Confused”, recalled that his wife found it difficult to make the move between California and Texas. Alves said that Alves is used to Southern culture because she was raised in Belo Horizonte.

She told the outlet, “We grew saying, Yes ma’am’ and a loud ‘No sir,’ or, as I’d say, Yes ma’am’ and an even louder ‘Yes, sir.’ ” It brings me back to my youth. ”

She now enjoys her life in Texas.

In Texas, we attended the church that we liked every Sunday. Sports became a more important tradition for children,” she said.

McConaughey and Camila Alves with their three children. Here is their 15-year-old son Levi.

“Ritual! McConaughey added to his voice, “Rituals have come back. It could be Sunday church, sporting activities, family dinners, or staying up to tell stories. We sat on the island and told stories in different ways. We drank, ate, and poured drinks.

McConaughey was able to move more easily from Los Angeles, California, to Austin, Texas, thanks in part, because of his Texas roots.

In an interview for Southern Living Magazine, the actor stated that everyone should return to their birthplace – “full-blown shaking your hand with the place you’re born.”

Matthew McConaughey encourages people to return to the place where they “were born”.

It would be interesting to spend a month with someone in the city where they were raised. He said he was born just two miles away from Fort Davis in 1969. How’s your mind, and how would you describe your creative side? ”