Wealthy Residents in Posh Zip Code Open Homes to Burglary Risk – Here’s Why


Residents in a wealthy Californian neighborhood offer themselves to criminals as bait

Dozens of burglaries in a wealthy Californian community led residents into a police fraud.

The local department of police announced in February they would install surveillance in the homes and offices of volunteers in Atherton. Stephen Curry, an NBA star, is also a billionaire from Big Tech.

In 2024, ten burglaries will take place in a wealthy Californian city

The police department of a wealthy Californian city has recruited residents to help catch burglars using a program called “bait houses”.

Atherton police chief Steven McCulley said in a press release recently that the Burglary Bait House Reduction Prevention Program will contribute to a safer Atherton. By leveraging new technologies and collaboration in the community, we aim to reduce burglaries and improve the quality of life in Atherton.


Atherton in California, home to NBA stars such as Stephen Curry and Tech Billionaires like Steve Curry, already has 10 burglaries for the year. Of those, five occurred within the last 5 days.

Atherton police chief Dan Larsen said in an email there had been 10 burglaries from 2024. Detectives are actively pursuing leads and completing their investigations.

Larsen advised the department to install exterior lighting and that valuables be hidden.

Median listing prices were over $8 million.

Five residential burglaries occurred in only five days, according to the police. The first one happened just a few blocks from a home that sold for over $44 million.

Ten residential burglaries occurred in a Californian high-end neighborhood this year. Residents signed up for a police program designed to scare away burglars.

The New York Post reported in 2022 that a criminal gang from Chile had broken into several homes. Larsen said that police have not ruled out the possibility that the crime group may return.

The police say that the program will undergo an evaluation and any necessary adjustments will be made in light of the collected data.

McCulley said that the department, in a release to the press, “encourages residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement immediately.” “We can make the community safer by working with each other.