Matthew McConaughey’s Wife on Flight That Left 7 People Hospitalized


Matthew McConaughey’s wife Camila Alves said that she was on a Lufthansa plane this week, but was diverted because of severe turbulence.

“During the flight last night, the plane fell almost 4000 feet. 7 people went to the hospital,” she wrote on her Instagram account. She also posted a video of food and other items scattered on the plane’s aisle. Everything was flying everywhere.

“To respect the privacy of those around, that’s all my showing but the plane is a CHAOS and the turbulence keep coming.”

She said she was talking about “@lufthansa flight !!!!”. Yes…that one. We are thankful that everyone was okay and safe.

The Frankfurt, Germany-bound flight was diverted to Dulles International, Washington, D.C. Wednesday night.

“I must say that everyone @marriottbonvoy at the Washington airport where we had to divert and spend the night was so kind!” She added.

She joked that “And we made it to the bar with one minute before closing” and added, “slept well. Getting on a new flight today. To the journey, I continue.”

The designer and the model didn’t mention if her husband was on the flight, or if any of their three children were.

Lufthansa stated that the turbulence was “brief but severe” in a statement.

“Lufthansa flight 469 was diverted to Dulles International Airport after the crew reported experiencing severe turbulence at 37,000 ft over Tennessee,” FAA stated in a statement.

According to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, seven people were transported to local hospitals after the plane touched down at Dulles.

The FAA stated that it will launch an investigation into the incident on board Airbus A330, which was flying from Austin (Texas) to Frankfurt, Germany Wednesday night.

The airline stated that it regretted the inconvenience caused to passengers. Lufthansa is committed to the safety and well-being of passengers and crew members at all times.