Maxine Waters Calls for Insurrection: ‘The Hell with the Supreme Court’


The ruling in Dobbs-v. Jackson was not what Leftists wanted. As usual, when this happens, their loving minds are losing and they rage with irrational anger. In the midst of all the hysteria, it is not hard to see that many states will continue to allow abortion after Roe v. Wade was overturned. This is not acceptable. Leftists, being totalitarians, want it all. The possibility of saving even one baby’s life sends them into a furious frenzy. It was therefore not surprising Friday that Rep. Maxine Wassers (D-Towering Rage), called for open defiance against the Supreme Court’s decision.

Waters shouted, “They ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Waters raged, “Women will control their bodies no matter what they do. The Supreme Court is in serious trouble. We will not bow to them. They will take control of their bodies and black women will not be intimidated or afraid. Black women will go out in large numbers. We will be out in the thousands. We will win the battle for millions. We will fight for the right of our bodies to control ourselves.” Waters seems to think that this fight is illegal defiance of the Dobbs-v. Jackson decision. What is the proper term for such things? Oh, yeah: insurrection.

Maxine Waters is an expert on insurrections. She praised the creation of the select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection and the Stalinist trial that it brought about on June 24, 2021. Waters stated that the committee would expose the truth about January 6’s insurrection. She also explained that “these domestic terrorists” stormed the Capitol and even tried to use the American flag to fight law enforcement.

Waters, an America-loving flag-waver, said that the January 6 events were more than any patriot could bear. Therefore, she urged “all people who are on the side of justice” to support the Jan. 6 committee.

Waters was, at the very least, a loyal patriot, a lover of “democracy” and a hater of “insurrection” as of one year ago. She only had to dislike one Supreme Court decision. It is possible that Maxine Wassers wasn’t all that fond of “democracy,” or at the very least of the constitutional republic system in general. In 2018, she gave the impression that she was a threat to Trump’s administration officials when she asked her followers to confront them. “If you see anyone from that Cabinet in any restaurant, in any department store, or at a gas station, you get up and push them back, and then you tell them that they are not welcome anywhere else.”

Waters called on Trump administration officials to be intimidated and threatened in order to scare them into accepting the Left’s preferred positions on various issues. This is not how a functioning republic should work. This is mob rule. Plato warned us in The Republic about democracy’s flaws. Maxine Waters, Maxine Waters, and others illustrated the dangers of democracy when they told their supporters to threaten Trump’s cabinet.

Friday, she repeated the warning to the Court or pro-lifers or Republicans that they hadn’t yet seen anything and asked her followers not to follow the Supreme Court. The worst part is that not a single Democrat will condemn or defend her American principle of peaceful opposition and loyal opposition. She was not challenged by any “journalists” and asked if she really called for rioting and the defiance of Supreme Court Justices by the mob. This is the Biden era. During which the administration refused to condemn illegal protests in front of Supreme Court Justices’ houses, it was trying to intimidate them into upholding Roe V. Wade. Waters’ lawless comments will be rebuked by the Justice Department, which branded parents who protested at school board meetings as terrorists. They are more likely to give her an award.