SCOTUS Gun Ruling Brings Out the Clowns of New York


The Supreme Court ruled that New York’s concealed carry permit rule was unconstitutional. Social media has “misfiled,” Leftists’ excrement.

The SCOTUS ruled Thursday that New York State residents don’t need to give reasons for wanting a concealed carry license.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a HUGE ruling for a state where politicians scoff at gun rights but are cool with grown men in dresses shaking their butts at young kids.

New York City is often called the Haiti of America. Because it is a crime-ridden outhouse. This is why concealed carry permits are sought after. Criminals are known to look for others and move outside their neighborhoods. Alvin Bragg, New York City’s pinko District Attorney, is not willing to send anyone to prison.

Let’s look at some of the most common mouth-breathing reactions after the Bruen decision.

Eric Adams, NYC Mayor

Eric Adams, NYC mayor and chief buffoon couldn’t wait to reveal his ignorance about gun laws. New York City cannot be considered the Wild West. New York City is already the Wild West.

According to New York state law, a concealed carry permit is not permitted in New York City. This is despite New York CITY’s recent crime wave that has swept into Westchester and Nassau counties, where a gun could save you.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul is Queen of Clowns

Hochul must sleep every night on a Stalin pillow. Andy Cuomo (previous governor), and Comrade de Blasio, (ex-mayor), were the ones who started the chaos. Hochul refuses to sign a piece of paper to restore bail laws and end the crime wave in New York City.

Hochul speaks of “weapons, war” and “high-capacity, assault weapon magazines.” This is the low-info, whiny ignorance reserved for your liberal sister-in-law and her man-bunned friend.

NYS has a law prohibiting anyone from owning a magazine holding more than ten rounds. Karen Kathy, pistols ARE NOT WEAPONS OF WAR.

Hochul was lying when Hochul said that she would continue to do all in her power to ensure New Yorkers were safe from gun violence. ”

What? Except for the locking up of criminals who continue to ravage New York City.

Hochul and her fellow commies don’t want to end gun violence. Hochul and her fellow commies don’t want to stop gun violence.

The SCOTUS ruling is a reason to celebrate. For starters, there is nothing sweeter than the aroma of commie tears. It smells like, victory.