McConnell Scolds Republicans Who Want to Impeach Biden


Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, does not want Republicans to impeach Joe Biden.

McConnell said to the New York Times that he had warned two years earlier after we had two impeachments. “Once we start down this road, it will encourage the other side,” McConnell said. “Impeachment should be rare.” “This is bad for the country.”

House Republicans are increasingly toying with the idea of impeaching President number 46, citing his involvement in the son’s foreign affairs and the border crisis.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker, demanded that Biden “give us his financial statements” in order to prove that he had not benefited financially from Hunter Biden’s corrupt foreign business deals.

McCarthy said to Sean Hannity of Fox News that “I believe there is enough proof” for the Biden family to come forward.

McCarthy also considered launching an investigation into Biden’s impeachment, which would mean he would talk to every member of the House about this idea, according to the Associated Press.

Rep. Lauren Boebert attempted to impeach President Obama in June for his inaction regarding the border crisis. Her attempts failed. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene hurled slurs at Boebert after she tried to impeach the president in June over his inaction on the border crisis. Greene claimed that Boebert had stolen her idea of impeachment.

Biden is free to eat ice cream today in peace, knowing that he will not be impeached. The White House hasn’t put impeachment on its rear window.

According to the New York Post, spokesman Ian Sams stated that instead of continuing this shameless, baseless impeachment attempt, House Republicans, Speaker McCarthy, and the President should work together to continue to lower inflation, create jobs, grow the economy, and reduce costs.

To date, three U.S. presidents — Andrew Johnson, Donald Trump, and Bill Clinton — have been impeached, but none have been convicted. Notably, Trump was impeached twice in 2019 and 2021.

McConnell is also being urged to step down from his office, as Biden was. McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, recently stopped speaking mid-sentence at a Capitol Hill Press Conference. He was then heckled by audience members in Kentucky.