Media’s Ridiculous Spin on the Hunter Biden Verdict


Hunter Biden was found guilty on all charges in his federal firearms case in Wilmington, Delaware. President Biden’s son could face up to 25-years behind bars. But that is unlikely. The media’s reaction was transparently hilarious: the rule-of-law was upheld. This case had nothing to do with politics. Biden’s Justice Department went after the son of the president, proving that it is not a political branch of the Democratic Party nor the Biden White House. Andrew Weissman who proclaimed his love for Judge Juan Merchan who presided over Trump’s trial in Manhattan said that this verdict proves Joe Biden as the “living embodiment” of the rule-of-law.

What a crock. This case was dripping with politics, just like the Trump trial that took place in Manhattan. Andy McCarthy of National Review, a former Assistant US Attorney, called the case a joke because it was intentionally kept in legal purgatory. McCarthy said that David Weiss let this case be eaten by the statutes of limitations. The case was filed in 2018. Slow walking has a clear intention.

The Biden Justice department tried to suppress this case. The IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley & Joesph ziegler could have prevented this if they hadn’t blown the lid off. Two men who detailed the Biden DOJ’s reported interference with their investigations into Hunter Biden ruined any plans of letting this case die quietly. Hunter’s blanket immunity was not granted by the sweetheart deal. The events leading up to this trial were set in motion when the sweetheart plea agreement, which would have given Hunter blanket protection, was scrapped. This case was prosecuted by the Biden DOJ because it was forced to. It wasn’t out of sworn duties. You’ve followed the chaos that has been going on behind Hunter Biden. You know when some clown tries to explain the rule of law or accountability in this country.

Guys, a juror laughed. Oh, the humanity.