Stunning Poll: Only 30% of Americans Support Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan


Has Biden’s plan to forgive student loans lost its shine?

The plan of Biden to eliminate student loans for millions helped Democrats avoid a total disaster in the 2022 elections. The plan was supported by 47% of voters at the time and opposed by 41%.

A new AP/NORC survey shows that these numbers have more or less flipped. Only 3 out of 10 Americans approve of Biden’s handling of student debt forgiveness, while 4 out of 10 are against him.

The poll has a few nuances. If the borrower has been defrauded, 54% of respondents believe the debt should not be forgiven. 18% disagree. The public is divided on whether the debt should be forgiven if the borrower made payments on time for 20 years. 49% of the people believe the debt should not be forgiven.

If the borrower has accrued interest that is higher than what they originally borrowed, 44% to 26% of respondents believe they should be given relief. According to AP, 65 percent of respondents said they would be willing to forgive student debt in one or more of the situations asked.

Fewer adults (39%) say that it is extremely important for the federal to forgive student loan debt than medical debt (51%). According to an AP/NORC survey, less than a third (33%) of Americans approve of how President Biden (30%) is handling student loan debt.

Fox News

Around 4 out of 10 adults believe it is extremely important that the federal government provides student debt relief. A similar number said that it was not important at any time or too little, while about a quarter in the middle thought it was somewhat important. Only 15% of Republicans believe it is extremely important for government to take action to reduce student debt. This compares to 58% of Democrats.

Republicans say that taxpayers shouldn’t be burdened by paying off other peoples’ college loans.

A recent poll revealed that younger adults were more likely to give priority to government action to reduce student debt. About half of those under 45 said it was extremely or very critical, while only 3 out of 10 older adults agreed.

Biden’s forgiveness of student loans is aimed at young professionals and men of color. These two groups are leaving Biden, but they are not sure about Trump. Some strategists think that playing on their debt fears can get them to support Biden again.

The New York Times says that liberals are too busy achieving success to have any children.

Biden’s tactic of forgiving some of the debt and promising to forgive all other debts is not well received by many borrowers.

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Melissa Mata is disappointed by President Obama. She has $14,000 of student loans for a program that she never completed, and could have used Biden’s help.

She plans to either vote independently or not participate in the November elections.

They make promises to gain votes, but then they fail to deliver. “I wouldn’t trust this,” said Mata. Mata is a 34-year-old bookkeeper.

Others say Biden’s not to blame.

Samantha Kempf is a social worker from Howell, Michigan. She has $78,000 of federal student loans for her bachelor’s degree and her master’s degree. Kempf, a Democrat from Howell, Michigan, was disappointed when Biden’s first plan failed. However, she does not hold it against Biden.

You can’t promise something, and then break your word. Biden cannot continue to play this game.

This poll seems to indicate that the patience of the public has worn thin.