Megan Rapinoe Sparks Controversy, Expresses Disapproval of Christians: ‘They’re Not Okay


Megan Rapinoe reminded the whole world of her hatred for Christians.

Rapinoe discusses her Achilles injury and how she said it was proof that God doesn’t exist in an interview with podcaster Pablo Torre.

She said, “I didn’t realize that it was such a big deal because I don’t comment like that.” “I don’t even use Twitter anymore but I heard about it from a lot of different people.”

Former U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Captain added that those who celebrate her injury will have a special place in hell.

She explained, “It’s just life.” “We want perfect stories, and I am like a controversial character. People low-key praise me but are so dishonest about it that this part is also funny. I’m like, wow. You’re in a special hell place if you celebrate this. “I’m not going there hell.”

She continued:

I’ve been very honest about my lack of faith in God, and that feels normal. The other signals I see [are] athletes talking about their station of faith in life, so why can’t I talk about mine? I do it on purpose and I don’t mean that literally, but I have always felt that I should at least mention that. I won’t dance around the issue. It’s a strange thing, but sports and faith seem to be so closely linked. It’s an entire thing.

Rapinoe went on to make a joke about Christians, saying that “someone” needs to check in with them.

She continued, “Someone should check on the Christians to make sure they are okay.” “They missed the joke as well.”

Rapinoe’s views are far more than just criticism of Christianity. Rapinoe’s most public campaign has revolved around the issue of equal pay for women in sports. In reality, this means that the men who produce the most revenue are paid less to compensate the women.

She has also publicly advocated the inclusion of women who identify as transgender in women’s sports. She signed a letter last year opposing the “Protection of Girls and Women in Sports Act”, which would have prohibited biological men from participating in female sports.