Trump Mocks Fani Willis in Court Appearance: ‘GAME OVER’


The former president Donald Trump most likely watched or heard of the Fani Willis circus which took place in a Georgia Courthouse on Thursday. Willis, the Fulton County district attorney who wants to bring Trump down for election interference, disgraced herself and her profession with her entitled defensive performance. She was grilled about her affair with Nathan Wade – a special prosecutor hired by Willis to help in the case.

It was the theater of the age.

Willis’ testimony was the source of Trump’s fascination with MSNBC’s legal analyst, who responded to it in multiple videos.

Caroline Polisi is a legal analyst for MSNBC. She said that Willis’s testimony, which contradicted the new testimony, was “game-over” in the case of election fraud against the former president:

This would suggest that the relationship began before Wade was employed as part of Georgia’s election interference case Willis is currently pursuing. The two could be disqualified from the case by a judge.

Trump tweets about Willis’ embarrassing performance Thursday night:

It was the evidence that Willis may have lied about her relationship with Nathan Wade before the court.

Robin Yeartie’s testimony directly contradicts Willis & Wade’s information that the relationship started after Wade’s November 20, 2021 hire.

Yeartie told the court there was “no question” that Willis and Wade were in a relationship before their hiring. She also confirmed that she was “certain” about this.

Wade in his explosive testimony said that the relationship started in 2022. He was forced to answer questions about his divorce and his travels in conjunction with Willis.

Yeartie stated that the DA in charge of the Trump prosecution told her directly about her relationship with Wade.

Willis has been forced to resign from the case due to her multiple conflicts of interest.

I’d bet she’ll soon suffer a devastating blow.

Trump does not hide his feelings. Let him be clear about his position.