Mexican Drug Cartel Offers Apology to US Families for 2 Deaths and Surrender the 5 Men Responsible


A notorious Mexican drug cartel apologized for killing two Americans and kidnapping two more. They also allegedly turned over five men who they claimed were responsible.

Four Americans were crossing into Matamoros to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure. They were attacked and taken hostage by unknown assailants. One of the two Americans returned home with gunshot wounds, and the other two died in Mexico from their injuries.

Many politicians and others demanded that the U.S. respond militarily to the attacks by those responsible.

The Gulf Cartel issued an apology on Thursday.

Sources in Matamoros found a message on a banner and a photo of five men who were believed to be responsible for the attack. They were tied and beaten and laid face down on the ground in front of a truck.

The message offered an apology to the “American families” and Matamoros residents for the attack.

“The men responsible for these acts acted against the CDG [Gulf Cartel] rules under their own volition and without any discipline.” “We apologize to Miss Arely’s family and all American families,” the banner said in Spanish.

NBC News reported that the unconfirmed claim that the photograph of the men was taken in custody by law enforcement officials is still being made. NBC News also reported that a U.S. official said that they believed the apology, as well as the photograph, were legitimate.

Cartels often leave banners with messages to each other and to law enforcement officials after dumping dead bodies or body parts in Mexico.

After a shocking video showing the attackers dumping the bodies of the deceased into a pickup truck next to the survivors, the attack on Mexico became national news.

Mexican officials stated that they believed that the attack was an act of mistaken identity. They also believe that cartel members fired upon Americans believing they were Haitian smugglers.

Here is the most recent news about the Matamoros death: