Family-Owned Seafood Restaurant Makes PETA Regret That It Ever Protested It


PETA placed a billboard next to a Baltimore family-owned seafood restaurant.

For a while, the “animal rights group” had been using billboards to protest Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Baltimore. The restaurant’s family had apparently had enough and decided to troll the trolls.

PETA didn’t know how effective the restaurant would be at counter-trolling.

Jimmy first made the announcement that it would launch a counter-attack against this group in February. He announced “we’re here” over an explosion PETA billboard. The restaurant responded by telling the activist group that they needed to see fish and crabs to understand the complex living, feeling beings they were.

Jimmy’s response was shocking: “Tell that story to the 2,000+ animals you killed last year.”

Fast forward to Thursday, and Jimmy’s finally responded with their own billboards.

Side by side, the billboards show a crab and a crab cake.

The first reads, “They died to enjoy,”

The next reads, “It would be a sin for them to waste them.”

The billboards’ picture also includes a woman holding up a dead crab. This is only the beginning, Jimmy’s tweets.

“As promised. Our response to [PETA]’s latest billboard stunt is a few blocks away from our family-owned restaurant. This is Phase 1. Phase 2 will be much closer to home …,” Tweet the restaurant.

Although it’s not clear what “closer home” means, I would guess that Jimmy’s will either set up a billboard next to PETA headquarters or expose PETA as the hypocrites and nutcases that they really are. America is ready for it.

Jimmy’s is teaching people how to deal with radical activists. Be brutally funny in your responses, don’t apologize, and don’t show any guilt. Radical activists are only as powerful as their victims’ cowardice and compliance. They look weak and foolish when they don’t give up on their victims.