Militant Pro-Transgender Activists Attack Speaker at Women’s Rights Event in New Zealand


Video shows pro-transgender activists shouting at a speaker at an NZ women’s rights conference. The speaker was forced to leave after the video was captured.

British anti-trans activist Kellie Ja Keen-Minshull (aka Posie Parker) took to the Auckland Albert Park stage on Saturday as part of her “Let Women Speak Tour”. The New Zealand Herald reported that she was protested by over 2,000 people.

According to the newspaper, one protester ran toward her and poured juice on her head. After spraying Keen-Minshull’s security personnel, he was led away.

The Herald reported protestors pushed and shoved Keen Minshull’s small group.

Indeed, protesters “galvanized by the LGBTQIA+ community” drowned out Keen-Minshull with drums, chants of “go home,” and even a Whitney Houston song playing over loudspeakers, the paper added.

The Herald reported the removal of a barrier that was meant to divide the two groups.

A few people tried to protect Keen-Minshull but they were soon able to take her away. They also tried to stop the mob from submerging her.

Keen­Minshull said that she felt “never so scared” and that her life was in danger.

She posted the following tweet later:

Speak up for Women released a statement later stating that a Wellington speaking gig had been canceled because Albert Park was “overrun by a mob”.

The Herald reported Keen-Minshull’s statement that, before she was fired, she had stated that she was there “to give women feeling gaslit [by the state] the opportunity to talk about what rights they’re losing.”

The paper stated that politicians and social commentators had harshly criticized her for asserting people can’t have sex.

J.K. Rowling described the protests as “repellent scenes,” where a mob attacked females who were speaking out for their rights.

Rowling said on Twitter that women are accustomed to lying, threats, and denials of truth.

Chris Philp, a New Zealand Member, described the attack against Keens-Minshull as “unacceptable.”

Philp said that the “way women’s rights have been threatened by trans movements is deeply concerning.” She stated that Keen-Minshull is entitled to her opinion and should not be subject to “a baying crowd.” ”

Fox News reports Keen-Minshull will be speaking in Ireland in April.

Tucker Carlson interviewed her following the Albert Park event.