Chuck Schumer Makes A Very Curious Statement About Donald Trump’s Indictment


After Thursday’s breaking news about former President Donald Trump being indicted by the Manhattan grand jury, District Attorney Alvin Bragg and his cheerleaders from the mainstream media began to shame themselves with some very cringe-inducing social media reactions.

Nancy Pelosi (D.Calif.), former Speaker of the House declared that “No one is above the law” and that everyone has the right “to a trial to prove if they are innocent”. Although even someone with only a passing knowledge of how the legal system works knows that the onus is actually on the state to show guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, not the defense to “prove innocence.”

Another was Sen. Another came from Sen. Here are the tweets and other posts Schumer made about Trump’s indictment.

“Mr. Trump is subject to all the laws of America. Trump will have the right to use the legal system and a jury, and not politics to decide his fate. The case should not be subject to any outside influence, intimidation, or interference. Both Mr. Trump’s supporters and critics should encourage the process to proceed peacefully and under the law.

It is generally sound advice to urge people to let the process go peacefully and according to the law and to state that there should be no interference from outside parties.

However, the problem is that Schumer, along with his fellow Democrats, has not set a good example. This was evident by the way Schumer angrily threatened and openly threatened conservative Supreme Court justices at the Supreme Court in March 2020, over a Louisiana abortion case they were looking into.

“… They’re taking away a fundamental right. Gorsuch, I want to tell you! Kavanaugh, I want to tell you! You’ve released the whirlwind, and you’ll pay the price. These terrible decisions will leave you in shock.


Two years later, Schumer ignored the radical pro-abortion activists who illegally entered the neighborhoods of some of the conservative Justices to harass and intimidate them. This was in another case that would ultimately lead to Roe v. Wade’s overturning.

During these pro-abortion protests, a deranged leftist tried to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He was also arrested.

We should also not forget that Schumer squealed when he revealed to Rachel Maddow, then-MSNBC host, how the intelligence community had “six different ways from Sunday at getting revenge” on critics like Trump who was constantly criticizing their “Russian Hacking” investigation.

Bragg’s case against Trump against Bragg is politically motivated. This sets a terrible precedent. Trump’s supporters must also show they are bigger by not responding like Antifa. The truth will eventually come out, just like in the “Russia collusion” nonsense. And the Usual Suspects’ foolhardiness will be repeated.

It might be a good idea to have the Chuck Schumers of the World, as they are the most influential people in the world, actually practice what they preach. Few people will listen to the same people who don’t.