Milwaukee Mass Killer Took Selfie With Victim’s Sunglasses After Murdering Six People


Travis Lamar Birkley (34), appeared in Milwaukee court on Sunday to face six murder charges. He is currently being held on a $1,000,000 bail.

A confidential informant told police that Birkley had confessed to the killing of six people in a “robbery gone sour.” Birkley also served as a “guard” to drug transactions at the duplex. He robbed his employer on January 20th. To hide his identity, he shot his employer, his wife, and 4 others.

Kyle Rittenhouse was held on $2 million bails even though he shot three people, killing two, in self-defense.

The bodies of the victims were not discovered for several days until police found them on January 23.

Police used cellphone data to identify Birkley as the killer. This included a selfie Birkley took at the basement scene where the murders occurred, wearing one of the victim’s sunglasses several hours after the mass shooting.

A confidential informant said that Birkley was seen carrying cash and flashing guns right after the bloodshed. However, no other suspects were arrested. Barkley’s cousin was also mentioned by authorities as an accomplice.

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