MLB Pitchers Ejected and Fined After National Anthem Standoff Escalates


The National Anthem Standoff involving Boston Red Sox relief pitching Kutter Crawford and Philadelphia Phillies left-handed pitcher Matt Strahm led not only to an ejection but also fines by MLB.

There have been many instances in the past where players have fought to be the last one off the field, court, or ice following the national anthem.

The MLB’s new pitch clock rules required umpires to eject two players for refusing to return to the dugouts despite being warned that they would be removed.

Being that Crawford is on the 15-day injured list at the moment, his fine for being ejected is much higher than Strahm’s, but Red Sox manager Alex Cora said that he’ll be getting help from a certain teammate.

“I know there’s a guy that went to the same school as him that’s probably going to take care of that,” he said.

Chris Sale attended Florida Gulf Coast University.

Strahm, who used to be teammates with Crawford and the rest of the Red Sox, explained the situation to WEEI’s Rob Bradford.

“None of it was planned,” he said. “The anthem was over, and I looked across, and Kutter kind of gave me a grin, and I knew exactly what that grin meant, so I just stood there.

“It was probably not the most intelligent decision I ever made in my big-league career.”

It is unknown how much the fines levied against Crawford and Strahm will be.