Stephanopoulos Says New 2024 Poll is Brutal for President Biden


ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos didn’t hold back when he responded to a poll that was broadcasted on Sunday, which showed that the majority of Americans do not believe that President Biden is physically or mentally capable of serving another term.

This poll is brutal for President Biden! Stephanopoulos stated on “This Week” that he was referring to the results of a recent survey conducted by ABC News & Washington Post.

A poll conducted on Sunday revealed that 63% of American adults don’t think Biden has the mental sharpness to be a president. Only 32% believe otherwise, and 5% have no opinion. This number has increased by nine percentage points from a similar poll conducted last year when 54% of respondents said that they did not have the mental capability to do the job.

The survey, conducted between April 28th and May 3rd, also revealed that 62% of Americans did not believe Biden was in “good physical health” enough to serve, while only 33% believed he was and 5% had no opinion.

The same questions were asked about Donald Trump, the 76-year-old former president who is currently the frontrunner in the GOP primary. 54 percent of respondents said that he is mentally sharp, as opposed to Biden’s 32 percent, and 64 % said he was physically fit to be president, as compared with Biden’s 33 %.

The poll also revealed bad news about Biden’s approval ratings, which fell to a new low of 36%. This is a six-point drop since the February poll, and compared with 56% of respondents disapproving of Biden’s performance thus far.

A majority of Americans think that Trump is better at managing the economy than Biden. 54% support Trump, while only 36% think Biden does a better job.

In a hypothetical matchup in 2024, the poll showed Trump defeating Biden by seven points.

Rick Klein, ABC’s political director, told Stephanopoulos that “you’re seeing the real weaknesses in the alliance that propelled Joe Biden to the presidency in 2020.” Klein noted Biden’s popularity among Black voters and Independents has decreased significantly during his tenure in office.

Klein said, “This race is shaping up to be more about incumbent to President Joe Biden than any of his opponents.”

Donna Brazile, former DNC chairwoman, reacted in an ABC segment to the grim results. She told Stephanopoulos the “sobering numbers” kept her awake at night.

Brazile said, “It kept me up all night and I thought that they should look at these numbers and wake up.” It’s sobering to see that the coalition which elected Joe Biden is now fragmented, despite the historic numbers we will see in 2020. She warned that this should worry them.

Nearly two weeks have passed since Biden and Vice President Harris announced via video that they would run for reelection.