Mob of High School Students Beat Assistant Principal


A mob of students at a Texas high school attacked the assistant principal, sending her to the hospital with severe head injuries.

“Three or four other kids jumped in on her. Just pummeled her to the ground, and they started kicking her and pulling her hair,” a teacher at Westfield High School in Spring, Texas, recounted to Click 2 Houston under the condition of anonymity. “She loves those kids. She is the nicest person, and she’s the best administrator that we have at Westfield High School.”

A group reportedly attacked the assistant principal in the 9th-grade center on Thursday. Westfield High School lies about 20 miles north of Houston.

The family of the assistant principal said the woman was rushed to a hospital following the attack and was left unable to speak. The father of the victim said the family is unsure how long she will remain in the hospital and noted she is suffering from serious head pain.

“It made me cry,” the teacher said.

The Spring Independent School District released a statement last week confirming the hospitalization of a Westfield employee after an “altercation” that “occurred”. This “occurred”, between “multiple Westfield High School students in the 9th Grade Center. ”

“School officials were quick to intervene, and put an immediate end to the fight. As a result, a staff member was also transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. After being treated that night and released,” said a district official in a statement on Monday.

We are investigating all the students involved. Several of the students have been identified as potential candidates for disciplinary action.

The teacher who spoke to Click 2 Houston, however, said the school district’s statement is not true, arguing teachers do not feel safe and that there are only two police officers for the entire campus.

She said, “Nobody ever answers when you call the front desk for help.” “We don’t feel safe.” “The faculty don’t feel safe, and parents would be angry if they knew how unsafe the school is.”