Shohei Ohtani Wallops 162-Foot Home Run, Highest Ever Recorded In Statcast Era


This man will be paid massively — and I mean massively.

Shohei Ohtani’s home run on Sunday was so obvious that there was no doubt.

It was a historic knock.

I kept waiting for the ball to appear somewhere on the scoreboard. “I saw the metrics,” said Los Angeles Angels Manager Phil Nevin. I haven’t come across many players like that. “He’s unique, and we learn something new about him every day.”

Statcast began keeping track of the stats in 2015, and the Japanese star hit a 162 foot home run. This is the highest ever recorded since Statcast began tracking the numbers. Ohtani hit his seventh home run this season off an 85.9 MPH cut from Rea. The ball was launched with a 39 degree launch angle and 114.3 exit velocity. The ball was hit with a 114.3 exit velocity and landed 413 feet in deep center.

Rea said, “I watched it.” “I knew it had gone,” said Rea.

Shohei Ohtani has already made it clear in the media that he wants to try free agency at the end of this season. He could earn up to $65 million (if not even more) per campaign. It will be historic.

Imagine the bidding war this will create!

The San Diego Padres could be included in the mix, with their current spending.

When the smoke clears up, Ohtani will be sitting on an enormous pile of cash.