Mob Searches Airport in Russia for Jews Arriving From Tel Aviv


Dagestan in Russia is currently experiencing some frightening news.

Reports describe a “lynch mob” that stormed the Makhachkala Airport, chanting Allahu Akbar and waving Palestinian flags. They were looking for Jews they thought had arrived in Tel Aviv on a plane. Dagestan, a Muslim region, is located in the Caucasus.

Here you can see the storming of the terminal and one man climbing up a pole. Also, they went to a plane and demanded to know who was inside.

The airport man in a vest and green hat tells me there are no passengers aboard that plane.

The mob began asking people if they were Jews, and demanded passports. The mob didn’t believe this guy when he said he was Uzbek, not Jewish. They demanded to see his passport.

A bus full of children was also reportedly grilled. This is horrific.

The footage shows them flipping a police vehicle that got in their way.

Ria Novosti reports that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has warned the mob, they’re on video. They will be identified, and will “face criminal responsibility.”

The Jerusalem Post reported that the plane the rioters were searching for had been diverted to a different airport. However, the rioters also went to this other airport.

N12 reports that the pilots had been warned about the mob, and they rerouted their plane to land in a nearby airport. They also reached the other airport. Security forces sealed off the area while the flight staff locked all aircraft doors. Rosaviatsia, the Russian aviation authority, said that all aircraft had been diverted to alternative airports. Security source: A small group of Israelis and Jews had been secured at the airport and would be evacuated “at the earliest opportunity” to Moscow.

A mob was reported to have searched a hotel for Jews.

The antisemitism in Russia is increasing, as shown by the burning of a Jewish Cultural Center in Nalchik in the neighboring Republic. It was graffitied “Death To the Jews.”

This kind of antisemitism has risen again. It is extremely disturbing. As we saw at the recent protests in New York, where people were chanting Hamas terrorists’ names, the left is stirring up emotions in this country. Vladimir Putin’s footsie with Iran may have fueled his extremism.

We are entering a dangerous time.