MSNBC Journalist Has Unhinged Meltdown on Social Media Over Elon Musk Border Visit


I will never stop being amazed at how crazy people on the left get when Elon Musk says or does something that they do not like. It’s no accident that I call Elon Musk the Trump of the Digital Space. No matter what he says or does, it seems like these people are always triggered.

Take Musk’s visit to the southern border as an example. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez got into a frenzy because a Republican legislator from Texas, a state bordering Mexico, went to the border with Musk in order to assess the situation. However, Musk put her in her place later.

Mehdi Hasan, MSNBC’s anchor for “Let’s Be Outraged”, posted his “harumphs” on X (formerly Twitter), the social media platform. He complained, “Why would a tech- and car-company CEO be at the border providing us with updates and being hosted and escorted by law enforcement and officials?”

Other X users immediately pointed out Hasan’s absurd criticism and goals.

One person said something that many of us have been thinking about Hasan as a journalist:

The questions are valid. Hasan is a journalist who is supposed to be informing his audience of what’s happening at the border. Like many in the elite media, Hasan is more interested in pretending that the border crisis doesn’t exist than telling the truth.

In the early days of the border crisis at least some media outlets were willing and able to portray the situation more accurately. Some reporters were willing to criticize the Biden Administration for their apparent lack of transparency, and the treatment of minors unaccompanied who suffered all sorts of abuse.

MSNBC and other far-left propaganda outlets would never dare expose the seriousness of the situation or the inept Biden Administration’s inability to provide adequate solutions. Hasan’s distress over Elon Musk visiting the southern border may be due to the desire to minimize the border crisis.

Hasan and those like him know that Musk is a huge figure and that Americans are interested in what he says, regardless of whether they support or oppose his way of running X. Musk can expose millions and millions of people to dire conditions that the leftists would prefer to keep hidden. They are crying and gnashing their teeth because of this.