Woman Sues Disney for $50K Over Painful Wedgie on Typhoon Lagoon Waterslide


A woman recently sued for a large amount of money following a bad fall down Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water slide that resulted in an “injury wedgie”.

Emma and Edward McGuinness filed a lawsuit in Orange County, Florida on Wednesday. The couple is suing Disney World in Florida for damages totaling $50,000, due to injuries sustained to them during a 2019 visit to Disney World’s popular water park.

The lawsuit details Emma’s painful descent on the Humunga Kowabunga consisting of three tubes totaling 214 feet. It culminates with a five-story dive into a dark pool at nearly 40 mph.

The plaintiff claimed she was at the waterpark celebrating her 30th birthday and wearing a bathing costume with only one piece when she embarked on her fateful trip.

Emma claimed Disney had failed to explain the importance of safety protocols, like crossing your legs. She claimed that women are at higher risk of injury because of their anatomy and swimwear.

The lawsuit states that women are more likely than men to experience a “wedgie”, which is an injury that can be painful, due to their anatomy.

According to the lawsuit, Emma’s injury (which is classified as “injurious”) could have been avoided if Disney World had instructed her on what clothing she should be wearing when riding the Humunga-Kowabunga-Slide.

The lawsuit claims that the risk of injuries to the internal organs and genitalia of the rider can be reduced by wearing protective clothing or shorts. Disney neither tells riders to wear protective clothing nor provides them with protective shorts. The lawsuit also states that Disney does not warn riders of the dangers associated with not wearing protective clothing when using The Slide.

The lawsuit claims that Emma felt “immediate pain and severe discomfort” after her thrill ride down the slide. When she got up she found blood between her legs.

In the lawsuit, it is stated that Emma was taken immediately to hospital where she suffered “severe bodily injuries, including severe vaginal lacerations, a full thickness laceration, which caused Plaintiff’s abdominal wall to protrude and damage to her internal organs. ”

The couple is asking for $50 or more in damages. They claim that the slide “was unsafe and unreasonable dangerous”, and Disney’s negligence.

Alan Wagner, the attorney of McGuinness or Disney World, did not respond to our request for comment immediately.