MTG and Santos Swarmed and Chased as NYC Official Targets Their Speech With Crew


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Rep. George Santos (R-NY) showed up at the Manhattan courthouse where former President Donald Trump was being tried to lend their support.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams had warned Trump supporters who were going to be there to “control” themselves and he took a swipe at Greene telling her she should be on her best behavior. But it was the liberals and media who were exhibiting less than stellar behavior trying to target and drown out the remarks of the lawmakers, swarming them and even chasing Santos down the street.

Greene was able to make some comments as the others tried to stop her with drums and whistles.

She was inundated and Buzzfeed’s David Mack explained that the chaos was dangerous and could have resulted in someone being hurt.

MTG stated that they were “swarmed.” She also noted that Jumaane Williams, a city official, tried to drown out her free speech.

Huffington Post reporter James confirmed that Williams was part of a team there to drown out MTG’s comments so she couldn’t be heard.

Eric Adams, what can you say about the people who attempt to suppress free speech, protest and attack democracy like these?

George Santos was also chased down by counter-protesters and the media. The police tried to stop the media and counter-protesters from running onto the streets. It was absolute chaos. Adams failed to control his people.

As he was chased down by random people and the media, many were falling to the ground.

That’s crazy. Eric Adams speaks about his city. He was unable to control protests and it was his people, not the legislators. He allowed a dangerous situation to get out of control and it was fortunate that none of the legislators were hurt.