As China Continues to Undermine the U.S., Kevin McCarthy Prepares for Meeting With Taiwan’s President


The Chinese government has been working tirelessly to undermine U.S. interests, and generally undermine the Biden administration in every way possible. This is part of an overall effort to replace the United States as the dominant global power. The Biden administration’s apparent lack of interest in certain Chinese actions makes it possible.

Tensions between Washington D.C., Beijing and Taiwan are at an all time high. Taiwan is the centre of some of them. China claims that the U.S. is an unofficial partner in Taiwan’s history, as they claim historical ownership of the island. In retaliation, the Chinese government has harassed the Taiwan government.

Tsai-Ing-wen, Taiwanese President, is in preparation for a meeting to meet with Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker. This is what the Wall Street Journal calls “the most pivotal moment in her closely observed travels through the U.S.”

Ms. Tsai will land in Los Angeles Tuesday evening to begin her second stopover in the U.S.A. as she travels to visit Taiwan’s diplomatic partners in Central America. On Wednesday, Ms. Tsai will be in California for a much-anticipated meeting at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library with Mr. McCarthy. Beijing warned that this would result in unspecified retaliation.

Taiwanese leaders visiting the U.S. are called “transits” and considered informal. This is part of Washington’s delicate diplomatic maneuver with Beijing, which considers Taiwan to be part of China’s territory. Taiwanese leaders are not allowed to stop in Washington and don’t usually meet with U.S. senior officials.

If the meeting proceeds as planned, the House Speaker would be the highest-ranking U.S. official ever to meet with a Taiwanese leader in America since the beginning of the practice known as transit visits.

A spokesperson for the Chinese Consulate Los Angeles stated Monday that such a meeting would “be an attack on the political foundations of Sino-U.S relations.” “This is the first line of defense that must not be crossed.”

China is not happy that the U.S. has granted legitimacy to Taiwan’s government. The Chinese are furious about the level of cooperation between these two countries. The Chinese military conducted a series “missile tests” on Taiwan after Nancy Pelosi, then-Speaker of the House, visited the country. It also tested its naval response.

This was precisely the type of maneuvering that made the U.S. nervous about China’s ability block Taiwan. Washington fears that China has increased its timeline to invade Taiwan, particularly given their recent increases in military spending.

The U.S. military also committed to increasing the number of troops in Taiwan, ostensibly to train personnel on U.S. weapon systems and tactical maneuvers.

This meeting was also scheduled the day after it became clear that the Chinese were directly controlling the spy balloon that flew above the country, rather than aimlessly floating like previously believed. It was also transmitting sensitive information to the Chinese government from military sites.