Mysterious Fire Rips Through Secret Russian Bureau That Designed Missiles


An explosion took place at the Russian Ministry of Defense’s 2nd Central Scientific-Research Institute (Tver), approximately 80 miles northeast of Moscow.

This “research center” is responsible for developing surface-to-air missiles that can be used to support Russia’s aerospace military program.

Many people got hurt in the accident.

These scenes are horrifying:

Officially, it is believed that old structures were set on fire and flammable insulation was ignited.

This speaks volumes about Russia’s military, that a crucial design facility is found in a firetrap.

It’s likely that most of the design work was performed on the file servers and hard drives within the facility. A data loss can prove to be devastating.

If more than 50 or 40 people have been killed or injured, a large number of engineers and scientists will not be able to work.

It is hard to imagine how an accidental fire could spread quickly.