Trump-Backed Candidate for Congress Gets Removed From Ballot


Donald Trump’s most controversial endorsement was a serious, potentially campaign-ending roadblock.

Morgan Ortagus served as the Spokesperson for the Department of State for nearly half of Trump’s tenure. Ortagus was removed from the Tennessee ballot after being declared ineligible due to residency issues. Ortagus has moved to Nashville within the last year. This short period of time does not appear to be sufficient to fulfill the requirements of the bylaws of the state GOP for running for office.

Here is an article. from NBC News:

Ortagus stated that he was deeply disappointed by the decision of the SEC.

She said, “As my previous statements have been, I believe that the voters of Middle Tennessee should elect their representative — not establishment party insiders. “Our team is currently looking at all options. ”

Ortagus’ talk about “establishment insiders” selecting representatives is a little too rich for Trump. She was a journalist for Mike Pompeo and has been living in Washington since then.

Trump’s endorsement of Ortagus is a blow to his base. She’s typical of the establishment, a neoconservative, always trying to secure a government job. Ortagus attempted to get a job in Joe Biden’s government and promised to “faithfully” support Trump.

It was difficult to understand Trump’s support for her, especially when there have been other candidates who are much more supportive of Trump’s movement.

Below are the details about her disqualification.

If a candidate fails to comply with the party’s bylaws, the executive committee of the state GOP can remove them from the primary ballot. The bylaws require that candidates vote in at least three of four previous GOP primaries and that they be active in local or national Republican parties. Scott Golden is the chairman of the state GOP. Ortagus was also removed with RobbyStarbuck, Baxter Lee, and other candidates. Their candidacies were also questioned.

Tennessee is heavily Republican-supporting and Trump-supporting, even with its GOP organization. It doesn’t make any sense to remove Ortagus from the list of “establishment” favors. Ortagus is far better than the “establishment”, and the primary alternatives. In short, her complaints don’t add up. It appears that Ortagus was ineligible and that the Republicans who control the ballot are following the rules.

Someone jumped on their skis. Ortagus will have to appeal the decision to the court. The parties are private entities that have the right to make their own rules.