Nancy Pelosi Continues to Promote the Jan. 6 Insurrection Narrative


Nancy Pelosi, former House Speaker (D-Absolut), was in Austin, Texas on Sunday to attend a South By Southwest conference (SXSW). The title was “The Future of Global Democracy.” It was a joke since, if Pelosi, and her allies, get their way, global democracy in any real sense will be dead. Pelosi wasn’t content with belly laughs. She also reiterated her belief in the Left’s Jan. 6 “insurrection” narrative, despite it being exposed as a hoax. Nancy Pelosi, this century’s Hiroo Onoda is without Onoda’s indomitable courage or nobility.

Pelosi stated: “Here is the thing. We had a president from the United States who incited insurrection. It was just as terrible as you could imagine. They attacked the temple of democracy …” and made an attack on our constitution.

Despite Trump’s second impeachment trial, and the Jan.6 Committee witch hunt, there has never been any evidence that Trump organized, called for, or intended to benefit from any type of “insurrection.” When the Capitol building doors opened, protesters walked in and took selfies. Later, they were shocked to discover that they had been accused of trying to overthrow the government.

Democrats insist that five people were killed in the “insurrection” to reinforce the notion that Trump supporters were violent mobs bent on disrupting government operations. The truth is that only Trump supporters were killed at the Capitol. Tucker Carlson’s footage, which Tucker Carlson recently aired, proved definitively that the protesters didn’t murder Brian Sicknick.

Pelosi continued to ramble on, repeating the same narrative as before, even though she was aware that the story had exploded. Pelosi continued, “They refused to send National Guard. Although I was a target, I had the security that kept me out.” “I was worried about my members, the media, the staff traumatized by the anarchists, and the maintenance personnel who kept the Capitol clean.”

House Republicans argued last December that there was a “pattern and practice of seeking permission from the Speaker for security decisions.” This delay was caused by the National Guard’s request. Although Pelosi denies any responsibility for the incident, she is the main beneficiary of Trump’s claim that the National Guard withheld its presence from the area on the fateful date. Her denials should be treated with suspicion.

Pelosi is not convinced by Tucker Carlson’s revelations. She stated: “So something must go wrong with Tucker Carlson.”

She addressed Republicans from her sham position of moral authority and declared: “You are a grand old party which has done great things.” Instead, you became a cult and a thug.

Pelosi ignored her party’s increasing open authoritarianism, and determination to crush dissidents, and even said: “We won’t be respectful of all views and want to find shared ground.”

He might, but that would not make any of the other statements by Pelosi any less true. We see her at SXSW as someone determined to not only ignore reality but also to force the rest of us into doing so. Many Leftists will join her in believing that fantasy and delusion are commonplaces. Others are, however, more realistic.