NATO Ally’s Unprecedented Pledge to Ukraine Sends Shockwaves


Ukraine is continuing to benefit from a windfall of international aid following the passage by the U.S. of an important aid package. The U.K. has followed suit and pledged its largest military aid package.

“Defending Ukraine from Russia’s brutal intentions is crucial for our security, and for Europe as a whole,” British Prime Minister Rishi Sunder said during his visit to Poland earlier this week. “If Putin is permitted to win this war of aggression he will not stop on the Polish border.”

BBC reported that Sunak’s pledge to Ukraine of PS500m ($620m) bolsters the already significant PS2.5b ($3.1b) allotted for this financial period. The money will be used to produce drones in the U.K. and scale up “domestic supply chains” for defense.

The British Ministry of Defense called the package the “largest ever single package of U.K. equipment” that places the country “on a war footing.” Sunak has pledged to increase defense spending by PS75 billion (93 billion dollars) over the next 6 years.

To bolster the defense of the country, Britain will also supply 400 vehicles, over 1,600 missiles, and 4 million rounds of ammunition. The U.K. will also send a Royal Air Force Squadron next year to monitor the skies of Poland for NATO.

Sunak, during a recent press conference, said that Ukraine’s military forces are fighting bravely. But they need our help — and they need to get it right away. “[This] package helps ensure Ukraine has everything they need to fight Russia.”

Sunak, as quoted by The Guardian added, “The United Kingdom will play its role at the forefront in European security. We will defend our national interests and stand with our NATO allies.”

Sunak, after he met with the Polish President Donald Tusk on Tuesday, traveled to Berlin where he met German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The U.S. Senate advanced on Tuesday a $95 billion package of foreign aid that included military assistance for both Ukraine as well as Israel. The House passed this bill on Saturday. Both Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (both D-N.Y.) urged its passage.

The package will provide $60 billion to Ukraine, giving the nation a much-needed boost in its defenses against Russian invasion.

President Biden said on Wednesday that the package provided “vital support for America’s partner”, and was “an investment in our entire security.”

Biden stated during a pre-bill signing press conference that “when our allies are strong, we are stronger as a nation.” He said that “we must move quickly” to assist Ukraine in continuing its defense against Russia’s invasion. The Russian invasion has now entered its third year.

Biden continued, “It is amazing what they can do against larger militaries,” praising the territorial gains made by Ukraine and the naval victories it has achieved over the last two years. He compared the support Russia received from Iran, China, and the U.S. to the aid that the U.S. will be sending to Kyiv.