Passenger Goes Off on NYC Mayor Eric Adams: Accuses Him of ‘Genocide’ and ‘Partying’


We watched Alec Baldwin being harassed by a leftist who was out of control. She demanded that he say, “Free Palestine”, for her to stop bothering him.

The left has encouraged radicalism, and they have not held people accountable for their actions when extremism turns bad. Ironically, it all comes back to people on the Left.

As this video on X shows, NYC Mayor Eric Adams learned of the news while he was on a flight from Miami to New York. He spoke at the 2024 Concordia Americas Summit about the illegal immigration crisis in his city.

A woman approached the mayor, who was sitting in a middle seat next to an apparent security guard.

She asked him if he were Eric Adams with a polite voice, and Adams smiled a little bit. He may have thought that she was going to ask for an autograph or picture.

She immediately started to attack him.

“F**k you!” She yelled. It was interesting to note the difference in his expression. In less than a half-second, it went from “welcoming” to “Who is that person?”

She screamed, “You are supporting the genocide of Palestine.” “There are many homeless people in New York and yet you party all the time.” She accused him of not caring about New Yorkers. I don’t know why he is supposed to be involved with “genocide”, or what he has anything to do with the events in Gaza. But these claims are not based on any sort of logic.

Why are you in Miami?” Did you know that people are being arrested in Miami? New York is home to many homeless people. People are unable to afford food. You continue to cut the education budget to fund the police. You only care about funding the police. “You are the reason why everything is underfunded.”

We can tell which side she is on by the fact that she was upset about his funding of the police and that he was blaming her for “the genocide” in Palestine. Adams has incurred the ire of both the left and right for his inability to deal with issues. This is especially true when it comes to the illegal alien issue, which he has failed to adequately address and has gotten worse under his leadership.

The man who looked like security got up and pushed her away as Adams allegedly pointed at her and said, “She can’t fly.”

The New York Post noted that yeah, he parties. A lot.

Adams has been known to hit up popular nightclubs in the evenings after his work at City Hall is done. He boasts about needing only four hours of sleep.

Critics have asked how Hizzoner can afford to spend his salary of $258,750 on the expensive Midtown restaurant Osteria La Baia and at the exclusive NoHo club Zero Bond.