NBA Champion Slams Gayle King for Controversial Caitlin Clark Comment in Dawn Staley Interview


Stephen Jackson, the NBA’s most successful player, railed against CBS host Gayle Queen for her interview with South Carolina Gamecocks women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley in a recent CBS broadcast.

Staley won her third championship as South Carolina’s head coach after leading the Gamecocks through an undefeated year. King, who interviewed Staley for CBS on April 7, said: “We were all rooting for Iowa and Caitlin. …”

Jackson, in a video that was posted on X, took King to task for her remark. He claimed King degraded Staley by mentioning Clark.

“Gayle King is supposed to be a big name in journalism, right? And I do not consider her Black Media. You give her these breaks because she is Oprah’s friend. I don’t care who her friend is. You do nothing for anyone.”

You cannot treat Dawn Staley in that way. You are talking about her winning the championship and being undefeated. You have the nerve to say that everyone was rooting for Caitlin Clark, and now you’ve broken their hearts.

“Who is we? All the Black people I know were rooting for Dawn Staley. We’re all fans of Caitlin Clark, but the way you put it, that s— was trash. I’m glad it’s a new day in the media space. You don’t even say stuff like that to somebody in an interview. You demeaned her and made it about Caitlin Clark. That’s trash, super trash.”

Kamilla Cardoso, a South Carolina native, was chosen No. 3 by the Chicago Sky.

The Gamecocks will also be ready for a new season. Raven Johnson, Bree Hall, and Te-Hina Paopao are expected to all return for the season 2024-25.