Israel Launches Strikes on Iran, Biden’s Diplomatic Efforts Collapse in Last-Ditch Attempt


Joe Biden’s efforts to appease Mullahs through a new nuclear agreement were revealed earlier on Thursday. This outline would guarantee that Israel would not retaliate against Iran for its attack on Israel with 300 drones and rockets.

We can say with certainty that Biden’s gamble has failed, just as it has in all other aspects of his foreign policies throughout his career. Israel is said to have begun bombing Iran, according to several reports.

The details are scarce at the moment, as the retaliatory strikes are still ongoing. However, unconfirmed information suggests that the explosions occurred around the locations of Iran’s nuclear facility. It would make sense that the Mullahs’ brazenness would require them to never have nuclear weapons.

Iran may have overplayed their hand. Iran’s nuclear facility could be among the most strategic sites that are targeted.