New Poll Reveals 94% Of Americans Are Concerned With Inflation, Majority Believe Republicans Can Fix It


If Democrats were holding any hope that the midterms wouldn’t be too bad, then their optimism is going to take something of a hit with this latest poll from the Washington Post/ABC.

This poll shows how President Joe Biden’s administration is doing on various issues. It does not contain any good news. One thing that is particularly concerning is the rise in inflation.

A staggering 94 percent of respondents indicated that they are concerned. 44 percent said they are “upset” and 50 percent said they are concerned, but not worried. Six percent of respondents said they were not concerned.

This news is bad enough, considering that a weak economy puts the party in power on the back foot during elections and gives the opposition party a strong talking point. Even worse is the fact that the Republicans, the opposition party to the Democrats, appear to have the trust and ability to solve the problem.

The poll found that 50 percent of respondents believed Republicans could manage the economy more effectively than Democrats with only 36 percent of the vote. Inflation: Democrats see a drop of 31 percent, while Republicans are steady at 50 percent.

Democrats have tried to distance themselves from the inflation that their party has created. This includes isolating Biden’s administration from other Democrats and placing blame on it. To shift blame to Russia, the White House has tried to rebrand inflation under “Putin’s prices”.

This strategy is clearly not working, as Americans are abandoning Democrats and placing their trust in Republicans. The Democrats will need to admit their role in the failing economy and many other issues caused by the left, such as open borders, hard-left education in schools, rising crime rates, and hard-left doctrine in schools.

However, this is not to suggest Republicans should be content. There’s still a lot of football to play before the end whistle blows. Democrats just need to find the right messaging to win enough votes to avoid a devastating loss. While these movements often result in entire communities being destroyed, it is clear that Democrats have created whole movements to influence elections.

This doesn’t take into account the Republican habit of grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.

Republicans would do well to emphasize the Democrat’s responsibility for the economy, and the out-of-control left that attempted to take over everything, from culture to children, to the Republicans. This is especially true for the economy.