Hillary Clinton’s Evasions Are Set to Be Revealed on the Eve of John Durham’s Trial Probe


A judge is set to rule on evidence as Hillary Clinton’s claims are comically exposed.

On Wednesday a Judge will make a decision on a key aspect of John Durham’s trial. This is a matter involving one of the John Durham lawyers. It involves a set of documents Durham subpoenaed to John Sussman for his upcoming trial. He has been charged with lying to FBI agents. These documents are being protected by members of the Clinton cabal.

There’s plenty to laugh at in the desperate actions of the Democratic National Committee (Hillary for America), Fusion GPS, and Perkins Coie. The trial claim provides the first source of humor.

Sussman is facing charges of deceiving the Bureau. He brought in pretended research materials showing links between Donald Trump’s campaign and a Russian Bank, Alfa. The materials were later revealed to have been manufactured by the CIA. Sussman told agents that he was acting alone and not for any other person.

Problem: Sussman was a Perkins Coie Partner at the time. The argument is poor by all parties. They are trying to protect attorney-client privilege to stop the release of documents. This argument supports the prosecution’s claim that he lied to the Feds.

This shows how desperate they are to keep their claims for attorney-client protection from being exposed. Fusion GPS submitted a response that was more than tenfold larger. It was a 342-page rejection request. They are desperate to prevent their identities from being revealed.

Durham’s next comedy of errors is the player’s actions. Durham also claimed that the information they provided could not be considered confidential due to how many journalists were privy to it.

Fusion GPS documents show hundreds of emails where Fusion GPS employees shared unverified, uncorroborated, and raw information to reporters.

It can be difficult to declare confidential and privileged information once you have sent it off to The New York Times and The Washington Post. There is even more fun and telling detail.

Perkins Coie documents show that Hillary’s protection plans are being exposed. The Coolidge Reagan Foundation forced the FEC investigation into Hillary for America’s filings. Both have also been cited.

Both organizations were fined in March by the FEC for campaign spending violations related to Fusion GPS payments. Fusion GPS was hired to assist them in their clean-shave.

This is where Hillary is caught. Perkins Coie’s paperwork shows that the FEC discovered the breakdown of payments for these services. The FEC filing lists the paid listings.

Perkins Coie invoices, and Fusion invoices, clearly show that Perkins Coie billed HFA for Fusion services. Perkins Coie charges a retainer fee of $5,000 and Fusion bills HFA for additional services. These are known as “professional services-other span”.

All payments other than the retainer were for work Fusion did on the Steele dossier. Durham should have access to the subpoenaed files if it is proved that the payments weren’t for legal services.

Perkins Coie is going to bill the DNC/HFA the same way that they did. It’s funny that Hillary, after years spent being accused by the media, is now sharing her wallpaper.