New York City Draws a Hard Line on Illegal Immigration


This is the story that has been the least reported in the last decade. The Biden administration is happy to have it that way.

The border crisis is spreading northward to Democratic-run cities such as New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Philadelphia. Illegal aliens are crammed into homeless shelters, schools, and other makeshift shelters. Democratic mayors are scrambling to avoid a humanitarian disaster in their cities.

As New York City Mayor Eric Adams has demonstrated with his latest attempt to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into his city, these “Sanctuary Cities”, as they are often called, are anything but.

Adams claims that New York has “attained capacity” and distributes a flyer along the southern border, asking border-crossers to “Please take into consideration another city when you decide where to settle in the U.S.”

Mayor Adams is a member of the “heartless”, “inhumane”, and “cruel” clubs. He wants to send illegal aliens to other cities who can’t cope with the influx.

Adams will now go “full-GOP” and kick illegal aliens from their shelters within 60 days.

Washington Post:

After 60 days, the city will begin giving notice to asylum seekers who are adults and staying in shelters. They will then need to apply again for a placement.

Advocacy groups say that New York City law protects shelter rights and that the move could lead to legal challenges.

The American Civil Liberties Union of New York tweeted that the attempt to “dissuade immigrants from coming to New York City” was cruel, illegal, and went against the values of New Yorkers of compassion and care.

I’m sure our brothers and sisters in the ACLU will all be happy to give up their homes in order to shelter illegal aliens. If not, STFU.

Adams stated that “New York City is doing more than any government level” to help migrants. Adams said, “But without help from the federal and state governments, we can’t continue to accommodate tens of thousands of newcomers.”

The kicker is that Joe Biden can’t afford to publicly acknowledge the national disaster he has created in America’s cities. Joe Biden cannot afford to acknowledge the disaster that he has created in America’s urban areas. He’s trying to hide the fact that the disaster exists by giving cities the minimal federal aid they need to cope with it.

Since the national media does not recognize the crisis, this plan is working out well.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Legal Aid Society said that New York had a “legal duty to protect people without shelter from the elements and to provide them with safety and security.”

This crisis is the best example of how stupid and ignorant the radical left really is. If there is no shelter, the shelter law does not matter. Adams is supposed to declare martial laws and evict residents from their homes in order to make space for illegals.

Adams, when asked if he was concerned about New York’s right-to-shelter law, told reporters: “I don’t really have the luxury of sitting back.” “I need people to realize that every day, this team is trying to figure out “Where do we place the next body?”

Homeless advocates can weep and caterwaul to the media, claiming that the situation is terrible and inhumane. Their fundraising is likely to be through the roof, as the publicity they get by bashing Adams has paid off.