New York, New England Begin Rationing Heating Oil—Before Peak Winter Has Even Hit


    Biden’s war against oil has had consequences and the chickens are now coming home to roost. With persistently high gas prices, we’ve already seen it in action. California was the first to feel it. Our power grid was overwhelmed by heat waves, and we were forced to endure rolling brown-outs. We were also warned not to use appliances or charge our electric cars. It’s a First World!

    As an aside, when there is a heatwave in Southern Cal, the environmentalists go crazy and shout, “Climate Change!” Climate change! Yet, every September since I have lived in this area for 30 years has seen a heatwave. I wonder if it could be the weather?

    The new enemy, winter, is coming to the Northeast. Now it will be felt in the Northeast. Bloomberg reports that the rationing is already in place for heating oil, even though it is not yet November.

    Stockpiles are 30% lower than normal.

    DailyMail reports Chris Herb, president, Connecticut Energy Marketers Association said that wholesalers of heating oil are restricting allocations to retailers.

    Consumers are being forced to take rationing measures in order to stop panic buying and hoarding. This will limit the amount of heating oils they can buy.

    Heating oil will not only be restricted, but your wallet will also suffer.

    There’s also the issue of scarcity. According to data from price reporting agency Argus media, wholesale heating oil in New York Harbor was $4.09 per gallon on Thursday. This is compared to $2.46 a year ago. Wholesalers will pay about $1,125 for a 275-gallon tank of heating oil, which is the size most homes use. However, consumers will be paying much more after the markups made by wholesalers and retailers.

    What is the bottom line? The bottom line? Americans will pay nearly 30 percent more to heat their homes this year than they did last year, the highest in 25 years.

    Biden will blame Vladimir Putin for our oil woes and continue to scold Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman for refusing the knee to pump more oil. But it’s Joe’s fault that we’re in this mess.

    The United States was energy independent when former President Donald Trump was in power. Joe Biden, who canceled Keystone Pipeline on Day One, made clear his priorities and has continued his quest to make America subservient oil dictators and pursue his “green” dream since then. For those who aren’t clear, safety and security for Americans is not part of this dream.

    When the Northeast experiences a truly severe winter in January and February of next year, the midterm elections will be a distant memory. It won’t be until 2024 that voters can voice their disapproval.

    Let’s pray they are paying attention and will let Democrats know their thoughts on rationing in peacetime America. Joe can’t be thrown out on election day. But we can throw a bunch of his acolytes away so that he can hurt less working people.